Brave New World in the context of Expo

Although I’ve read Brave New World before, going back through the book has opened up a lot of new ideas from Huxley that were much more obvious this time around.

The first obvious idea that is conveyed towards the end of the book is the sense of human struggle and life that is much more desirable than the life that is lived by the society that has been created in the novel. John is the best example of this idea as he confronts Mustapha Mond that he’d rather live in a world with the suffering that he endures as a ‘normal’ human being. While coming to London and being recognized by many gains him more fame than most, it doesn’t mean anything due to the lack of actual emotion that it comes from. This feeling is also obvious in the situation with Lenina as he wants to be married to her and have sexual relations that are only pertinent to her.

While not as confident, Bernard and Helmholtz feel the same way, that they’re different than other people. Being surrounded by a majority that didn’t conceive these thoughts made it harder to formulate an idea as to why they might feel this way until John’s arrival.

The idea that these characters have about their potential to live life as ‘actual’ humans is important in the story’s outcome. And that is that the human nature and hardship of life is something to sacrifice for and worth it.

Just like the novel, I believe that this course has lead me to become more invested and knowledgeable about my own identity and how I want to live my life in the future going forward. More specifically, my role as a ‘double’ and how I contribute to the relationship of myself and my brother, the person I am the closest to in this world. Although my learning from the class is most likely different from many others in the class, I think it is extremely important to keep in mind through the rest of college and even my life. True emotion is a beautiful thing that I would claim that people exhibit the most clearly and realizing that it is an essential part of life just as the characters in the novel, is influential to me in a way that helps me see what I might have been missing before.

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